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About Us

Tradeware is a multi-trading company with several trading functions. With a cooperative and experienced team, the company prides itself on providing high-quality customer service. Our flat hierarchy enables us to make quick and effective decisions. Our unique approach gives us an advantage compared to our competitors making us an ideal supplier of goods to our consumers as well as corporate clients.

Food & Beverages

We offer consumers and business customers diversity in products for their food requirements


Our kitchenware products assist our clients in cooking and serving food 

Why People Choose Us

We have been regarded by the clients as a reliable and credible venture, a name to be considered upfront whenever Food & Beverages products come to the mind, more recently we have introduced Kitchenware items as well to supplement our offerings and address the needs of kicthens.
Our wholesale catalog reflects the high profile and competitive prices of our products which we are sure will bring more satisfaction to your business and your customers.


Our team has carried out similar assignments at various industries across the Region.

Local Presence

We have an international network covering Regions with local presence to meet Customer needs when and where the demand arises.


Customer Focus

Strong focus, constant oversight and passion for effective relationships to ensure quality and customer satisfaction at all times.


We supply quality products to food professionals and consumers.


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